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Annual Projects

  •   Make Poverty History

On Sunday, October 15, everyone in attendance at the worship service (numbering 218) stood up and were counted as part of a world wide tally, to break a Guinness Book of World Records and make it abundantly clear to world leaders that there is an unprecedented global movement committed to eradicating world poverty. In over 80 countries 23,542,614 stood up against poverty and set a Guinness world record.

For more information on Make Poverty History go to: makepovertyhistory.ca

On October 17, Glen Eagle and Helen Martin of the Mission and Service Committee along with two other members of the congregation attended at Make Poverty History Rally at MP Jim Flaherty’s office in Whitby. 

  • Aids/African Poverty

We had numerous discussions on aids and the plight of Africa.  Many of us read and discussed articles or read books.  We attended or listened to or read about the Stephen Lewis lectures on aids.  In response, we held a service about the work the parish nurses of Pickering Village United Church accomplished in Zimbabwe, at Howard Hospital.  This served as an education piece for our congregation.  But we were also able to make this an outreach project by giving them $200 as an honourarium for their presentation, and raising $515 from the congregation.

  • 2002 – 2006 Co-sponsorship Of A Refugee Family

We worked diligently for two years to get a mother from Afghanistan and her seven children to Canada.  They arrived in May 2004 after spending five years in a refugee camp in Pakistan.  They attended our church picnic in June 2004.  Throughout the summer of 2005, several members of the congregation tutored them in English.  We supported them financially for two years.    In 2005 we held a service where members of the family attended and expressed their gratitude and their joy at being in Canada.  Today, we still keep in touch with the family.  They have made amazing progress!  Mom is going to school full time to improve her English, with hopes of getting into the nursing field eventually, while the children are all doing well at school.  The oldest two boys also work part-time to help support the family.  The eldest plans to attend university, while the second eldest plans to go into a trade apprenticeship after high school. 

  • 2005 Sale of Embroidered Name Tags

Mission and Service Committee member Gladys Snelling painstakingly stitched beautiful personalized name tags for members of the congregation.  In 2005, Gladys single handedly raised $1,500 with this laborious initiative.   $500 was donated to a fund for Mariacu Kamara.  This Pickering resident lost both of her hands and required prosthetic hands.  Glady’s donated $1,000 to the St. Paul’s capital fund.  Gladys is still producing these name tag work’s of art, if you are interested!

  • 2004    Justice Vs Charity

Justice Vs Charity Lenten Series of Workshops were held in Feb/Mar 2004.  There were six workshops held for Lent that investigated how a congregation could move from providing charity to underprivileged persons to seeking and working for justice that would result in lasting change .

  • 2004    Beads Of Hope

We encouraged the congregation to sign the Beads Of Hope petition and we sold Beads Of Hope as a means of combating the AIDS pandemic.

  •  Oct 26, 2003   To Seek Justice and Resist Evil

A worship service was held based on the United Church of Canada resource workbook of the same name.

Other Activities we have undertaken

  • 2005 Pot luck supper with group visiting from Philippines
  • 2003 October Service on world development, featuring a skit
  • 2002 Kairos presentation on G8 Summit – Jun 9, 2002
  • 2003 Protest against the Iraq War
  • Healing Fund Service


Recent Posts

Welcome the Rev. Cordelia Karpenko

Rev Cordelia KarpenkoWe have a very talented and dynamic Minister at St. Paul’s United Church. 

The Rev. Cordelia Karpenko has been serving as our Minister since January 1st, 2013 and we feel extremely grateful for her spiritual leadership.

We’d like to extend a warm invitation to everyone within our community to come and listen to Rev. Karpenko provide her thought provoking message. And then you can feel free to meet with her and other members of our congregation during coffee time in our Fellowship Room downstairs after our Sunday worship service.